About Us

Our Mission

CREDIT SOLUTIONS is dedicated to understanding the goals of our clientele and delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. We will continue to offer new and innovative ways to work with clients in order to obtain better credit scores. 

Our Outstanding Reputation Has Earned Us The Distinction Of Having:

  • Credibility -  Credit Solutions is registered with the BBB with zero complaints in the past 7 years. Registered with the state of Texas as a Credit Services Organization, we are bonded and insured as required by the Credit Repair Organization ACT (CROA.)
  • Physical Locations - Given that the CROA requires all credit repair companies to have an office and not operate out of their homes, we have physical office locations in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, Texas.
  • Integrity - Security and integrity is very important to our company and therefore  Credit Solutions conducts its business as a paperless company, one that shreds all documents. Unlike most credit repair companies, we do not keep files throughout our offices but instead our client’s information is safely and securely handled electronically and requires logins and passwords for every transaction.
  • Results -  Credit Solutions has been credited with deleting tens of thousands of inaccurate, obsolete, incomplete or missing information on trade lines from all three credit bureaus (Trans Union, Equifax & Experian) in the past 5 years resulting in our clients being able to purchase new homes and autos, gain employment, obtain credit cards and apartment housing.
  • Affordability - Our services are offered on a month - to - month basis with no long - term contracts, which means our clients can cancel anytime. Most other credit repair companies will charge a hefty upfront fee with large monthly payments and a 6 to 12 month contract, locking the client into a service that may not produce results.

The credit SOLUTION that gets results!

Credit repair means taking a hands-on approach to your financial dilemma. Even if your credit report is in chaos, or if you have filed for bankruptcy, the credit counselors at  Credit Solutions can help you put your credit standing back in order. As a group of caring credit counselors we take great pride in our ability to assist our clients and thrive on opportunities to correct and restore our client’s credit history. At  Credit Solutions, we do everything in our power to help you clean up your credit report so that you can live a more comfortable and higher quality of life.


Credit Solutions Is Here To Help! 

To act on our client’s behalf, we deal directly with the three primary credit bureaus, obtaining information deemed as inaccurate, obsolete or incomplete, which may increase a client’s credit scores. By launching investigations relative to derogatory credit information, we help consumers correct and rebuild their credit. Our ultimate mission and philosophy is to educate and inform the consumer about credit thereby giving the client credit empowerment that puts them back in the driver’s seat.